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Reliant industrial solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Providing a wide array of innovative & unique solutions

 in number of fields.

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It offers quality manpower which in most of the cases determines

the success for any business.

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Industrial Services LLP

Providing manpower supply including 

all types of manpower.

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Specialized in polyester plant operations like Cp, 

Spinning, Take-up, Chemical Handling

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 Hazira Packaging &

Engineering Services

 Providing packaging services in

polyester plants complete process

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Hazira Refractory

Works Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers of Alumina based refractory castables

and monolithics since 2003.

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Fuego Fire &

Safety Engineering

Established in the year 2018,

Our aim is to protect people,properties and environment

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Providing skilled operators for

lance management services for temperature reading

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Reliant industrial solutions is an organisation involved in quality management services across all sectors.

Over the years, since it's inception in 1990, it has shown tremendous growth and improvement. In all three areas:- process, technical and non technical.

It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in South Gujarat with its head quarters in Surat.With their outstanding services and wide choice of management under one roof, their growth is commendable.

Global Certificate: ISO 9001:2015

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Our Group Consists of

Reliant industrial solutions, with a business-centric approach and brings a few wide selection of high-quality services under one roof. Reliant industrial solutions takes pride in being a number one provider of services that are listed below:

Atash Enterprise

We offer quality manpower which determines the success for any business.

Arzaan Industrial Services LLP

We providing mechanized and manual industrial housekeeping services, manpower supply...

Yohan Enterprise

We are specialized in polyester plant operations like CP, spinning, Take-up, chemical handling,...

Hazira Packaging & Engineering Services

We Provide packaging services in polyester plants, complete process and operations for handling...

Hazira Refractory Works Pvt. Ltd.

We are manufacturers of alumina based refractory castables and monolithics since 2003.

Fuego Fire & Safety Engineering

Established in the year 2018, Our aim is to protect people,properties and environment...

Eagle Instrumentation

We have provided skilled operators for lance management services for temperature reading...

Our Core Values

We put at most importance on welfare of workers,the people who have given their trust, confidence and insuring that all contractual obligations are made. Which are as follows.

  • People & Development

    People and their development shall be our prime motto.

  • Safety & Quality

    Safety and quality to be taken care for evaluation time.

  • Innovation & Teamwork

    To create good working atmosphere by using innovation technology and the best work place.

  • Compliance with rules & regulations

    Total Compliance with rules and regulations as per the norms

Our Core Area


  • Managing the Incoming and out going material.
  • Managing Documentation ( Gate Entry, PCS & GRN )
  • Managing Inventory with zero wastage.
  • Managing continuous supply to line production so that there are zero stoppages for production processes, to improve efficiency.
  • High quality work during entire supply chain.
  • All above with optimum cost of Manpower/Storage space/and least logistic cost.


  • We can provide external warehouse with Racking system and all MHE.
  • We can handle the Warehouse According to customer Supply chain.
  • We can handle the Warehouse with Treading.
  • We can handle the Warehouse Transportation.
  • Kitting - We can add value to your products by kitting / assembling.
  • Picking and Packing as per order.


  • We can provide transportation end-to-end services.
  • Inbound Transportation.
  • Outbound Transportation.
  • Long Haul with hub facility at various locations in India.
  • Milk Run pick ups and last mile delivery.
  • All type of MHE.

Our Scope of Work

  • Managing the Gate entry of all incoming vehicle at gate.
  • Placing the vehicle as per FIFO at unloading dock.
  • Checking the Documents properly after that unloading and doing physical verification of material properly and safely.
  • Preparation of GRN (Goods receipt note) with proper document.
  • Shift the material to define location and preserve the material as per 5S norms.
  • Handle the Stores properly.
  • Supply the material for production as per work order with FIFO and work order.
  • Optimize the Space near production line.
  • Picking & Packing the material from Caviar safely with follow the quality norms.
  • Handle the FG store properly and shift the FG to their define location.
  • Loading the material Or FG and dispatch properly.
  • Running the Stores & Linefeed operation without loss.
  • To sustain safety environment within the working area formed and managed internal safety team which working with costumer safety department intended for safety initiative.
  • Established 3rd party logistics in the location including warehousing & supply chain.
  • Providing WTP operation.
  • Providing Pellet repairing, Cleaning, Consumable preparation and supply services.
  • Providing Bale packing services.
  • Providing Coil wrapping, strapping, stacking and dispatch services.( Duct Plant Operation).
  • Providing Warehouse operation services.
  • Dispatching the material as per plan to Plant
  • Chlorine tonner handling.
  • Providing Laboratory Technician.
  • Beverages Plant operation.
  • Establish proper systems & procedures for effective Warehouse Operation
  • Establish WMS (Warehouse management System) in stores.
  • Establish proper systems & procedures for effective outbound operation.
  • Followed FIFO & FEFO rule & maintained optimum inventory in a systematic manner.
  • Providing Continuous Process (CP)/ SPINNING / TAKE UP/ Activities.
  • Providing Chemical handling and charging.
  • Providing Additive Batch Preparation.
  • Maintaining minimum Loses

Value Added Services

We can provide following value added services at your space in Logistics areas.

    New Project Implementation

    • Site assessment.
    • Best Solution Designing.
    • Design of end to end supply chain and Implementation.

    Existing project

    • Re-engineering end to end.
    • Better storage systems ,Innovation
    • Process Standardization
    • Quality Audits
    • Zero wastages

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